College Readiness


At Villareal Elementary we are proud to spotlight a university every Thursday during announcements and on our university spotlight bulletin board.


What is Generation Texas? 

Generation Texas is all over the state. Students are finding their voices, setting strong goals, and fueling the movement called Generation Texas also known as Gen TX. It clarifies the steps on the path to college and career education. We are Gen TX and what is next for Texas depends on us. We are strong, we are determined, and we are not alone. We are supported by our families, schools, and communities that depend on us to graduate high school ready to succeed in college and our careers. We are taking the next step toward reaching our goal and fulfilling our dreams. Together, we will create the most successful generation ever. Generation Texas is what is next for Texas and we are well on our path to success. 


Wear the university’s color each day throughout the week. 

Monday – Orange and/or White for University of Texas 
Tuesday – Red and/or Black for Texas Tech University 

Wednesday – Orange and/or Blue for University of Texas Brownsville 
Thursday – Maroon and/or White for Texas A&M University 
Friday – Orange and/or Green for University of Texas - Pan American 

Helpful Scholarship Sites
Finacial Planning For College:
US Dept. of Education federal Student Aid